The Brachial Plexus International School (BPIS) delivers a superspecialized world class program that will help you reach a new level of excellence within this training area.

The maximum number of students in the course is 6. This assure us to work with the student as close as possible in the most personalized way throughout all the educational period. The practical approach of the Brachial Plexus International School course requires maximum security measures to be taken by the tutor as you will be learning very complex surgical procedures. The limited number of students guarantees the maximum quality and the best result in learning.

The course is taught in 4 modules, each one in a different international headquarters, with three teaching objectives:

  • Treat Monographic topics in each venue.
  • Work in different assistance and cultural realities.
  • To take advantage of 20 years of experience with really good casuistry and follow up results.

Our methodology is characterized by:

  • Practical hands-on sessions.
  • Clinical sessions, patient diagnosis workshop and follow ups.
  • Discussion of preoperative surgical strategy.
  • Hands on intraoperative tutoring. Live surgery.
  • Training videos recorded by the world top specialists.
  • Virtual Campus that provides the necessary experience for the operations carried out.
  • Online forum.
  • Anatomical dissection on cadaver, not surgical approaches but integral vision of the anatomical area to safely execute the most complex surgical techniques.
  • Practical evaluation of anatomical and surgical training.
  • Practical evaluation of a scientific presentation at the closing congress.